The art of car painting can’t be performed by anybody; our staff can do it with the help of their many years of experience.

We can undertake any kind of painting such as: acrylic, metallic, pearl and “chameleon” paint. We can also offer anti – rust protection and also colour refreshing (compound, polish and wax).

It can be assured that upon receiving your vehicle you will feel the same sensation you felt when you bought it. All colors are manufactured by us, with the help of our high tech equipment.

We can guarantee outstanding painting results due to our high tech equipment and highly experienced staff, as you will see yourself after your first visit. We use the best materials to be 100% sure about the strength and quality of your paint.

General Painting

The general paint is one of the services we provide. In this process your vehicle passes through a thorough inspection to identify the magnitude of damage, for example, rust, scratches, spots and anything else that contributes to paint or vehicle damage. Then it enters the repair process. The result will leave you breathless.

Wheel Paint 
We can repair damaged wheels and the paint it in the color of your choice.


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